via Savona 97
20144 Milano Italy


New Darsena, Milan


con progetto: J. Bodin, E. Guazzoni, S. Rossi strutture: D'Appolonia impianti: Manens-Tifs viabilità: E. Moretti D.LL.: P. Frezza

The city of Milan has regained its old inland harbour. With the completion of this work many urban elements, for long time forgotten under the quays, are brought back to the light: the Ticinello canal and its relation with Cagnola gateway, the sixteenth-century bridge, Viarenna basin. They contribute, together with the new project, to afferm the character of this part of the town, which is also a harbour. The result is a still realistic fragment of contemporary Milan. Water has brought back animals that during construction works had abandoned the site. The city has taken possession of Darsena banks and docks to enjoy water and the activities that still are conducted on water. The water slow flow returned to mark the time in the old basin and to offer a counterbalance to haste and confusion that portray the city beyond its banks.