via Savona 97
20144 Milano Italy


Darsena Competition, Milan


con J. Bodin, E. Guazzoni, S. Rossi

Competition for the urban renovation of the docks. 1st Prize. The project delves into the characteristics of the “Darsena” (dock) starting from exploring the nature of the diverse urban parts that line up to its banks and comparing them. The bank on viale Gorizia contains the bridges on the “Navigli” (canals) and the buildings at the back; the one on viale D’Annunzio is, since the demolition of the Spanish walls, the closest to water. The project rectifies the latter by restoring its buttress shape attested by Beruto in the second half of the 18th century and thus designing two promenades on two different levels. The two dock heads of piazza Cantore and piazza XXIV Maggio, gain strength as urban gates and haul into the dock.